Minutes: 2009 North American Dominican Peace & Justice Promoters Meeting

[The following are the minutes of the Dominican Justice Promoters Meeting held in Adrian, Michigan, at the Adrian Dominicans.  The minutes reference several documents.  If you wish to obtain a copy of the referenced documents, please send me a message via john[at]keenan.org, and a copy of the referenced documents will be forwarded to you.   The documents include: (1) Global Climate Change Continuum of Change, (2) Immigration Continuum of Action, (3) Peace in Iraq Continuum of Action, (4) Principles for Immigration Reform, (5) Sharon Zayac, (6) Immigration, and (7) Education and Act for Nonviolence.]

The meeting of Dominican’s was held June 18-21, 2009 in Adrian. Present : Teresa Auad, OP, Richard Barbuto OLP, Carlos Dahm, OP, Durstyne Farnan, OP, Donald Goergen, OP, Stella Goodpasture, OP, Barbara Hansen, OP, Toni Harris, OP, Elias Henritzy, OP, Mary Sean Hodges, OP, Martha Jaegers, OP, Patricia Jelly, OP, Lyn Kirkconnell, Marcelline Koch, OP, Ceil Lavan, OP, Eduardo Logiste, OP, Anne Lythgoe, OP Christopher Matthias, OP, Margaret Mayce, OP, Mary Pat Murphy, OP, Kathy Nolan, OP, Ceil Roeger, OP, Margo Saich, OP, Connie Schoen, OP, Frances Thibodeau, OP, Sharon Zayac, OP.

The meeting began with prayer, welcome by North American Dominican Co-Promoters, Chuck Dahm, OP and Durstyne Farnan, OP.

Presentation and update by the International Co-Promoter, Sister Toni Harris, OP who joined us from Rome. (Reflections were sent on a separate DVD in the mail) followed by a social.

Friday began with prayer in the Circle Garden and two input sessions, one by Margaret Mayce, OP DLC UN NGO representative. (See DVD that was sent in mail.)

Followed by an ecology presentation by Sister Sharon Zayac, OP entitled: Climate Change: Planetary Crisis – Moral Issue. Notes of her presentation are attached to the minutes.

After lunch presentations were presented by Fr. Chuck Dahm, OP North American Dominican Co-Promoter on Immigration Reform (See his notes attached). A brief report was presented by Sister Ceil Roeger: Nuclear Weapons Update from the Federation indicating that the Federation has now passed the Corporate Stance on Nuclear Weapons. And an eye witness report by Ceil Lavan, OP from her recent visit to Gaza.

 A social was held in the evening.

On Saturday we began with REGIONAL REPORTS based on an UPDATE THE NORTH AMERICAN CALL TO JUSTICE: Review, Revise, Rewrite In light of the International Dominican Justice Prompters Outcome and the Top Three Priorities from 2006NADJPCC.

The afternoon began with facilitation by Sister Anne Lythgoe. The purpose was to look at how we are organized as Justice Promoters. Some of the areas of discussion were: What works best now? What could make the structure/organization better? And where are my energies? As well as “What can we do better together than alone?” (See attached document) A recommendation was made to use a Continuum of Action on the various identified topics that were surfaced. Each would look at: Awareness/Educate, Involvement/Act and Leadership/organize. The identified priority topics for the coming year were: We will keep the same categories of Economic and Social Justice, Culture of Peace and Care of Creation with the following goals as identified on the chart below.

 ECONOMIC & SOCIAL JUSTICE Culture of Peace Care of Creation Promote the Millennium Development Goals Educate and act for non-violence Promote a Consistent Ethic of Life and integrity of Earth Promote justice for immigrants and migrants Promote peace in Iraq and aid to Iraqi refugees Mitigate global climate change Work against human trafficking at all levels Promote peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan Promote water security Promote peace in Israel/Palestine Promote nuclear disarmament June, 2009

Following our strategy building we attended Liturgy with an incredible Homily by Sister Barbara Hansen, OP as Fr. Chuck Dahm, OP presided. As a follow up to the grid above the Strategy and Assumptions were identified: ASSUMPTIONS: Membership knows how to access and regularly uses Dom Life Web site. Members of the study committee – are familiar with, can become skilled with, and have access to the technology the working committee uses. Congregational support and DLC support be given to this structure.

STRATEGY Call to Justice will be put on Dom life by August 1st. Development of each call to justice issue (awareness, involvement and Leadership) Identify a Lead person for the issue * put contact information next to lead person’s name.

Lead person extends INVITATION to congregations and provinces for additional membership in issue group. Put invitation on Dom life org. through a story. Time line: Give a one month response time from the initial invitation to join the issue group. Lead person calls the first meeting and a convener and recorder is selected. Employ communication system to establish and exchange information: phone, teleconferencing, Microsoft meeting • Exchange ideas on what is happening on this issue • Identify groups for collaboration • Communicate regional or national events • Create a database/list serve of persons who participate (are interested) in educational sessions conducted. • Share: What education and commitment has your Congregation/Province already done? Ex. Corporate Stance • How is your membership encouraged to stay involved in the issue? Convener/recorder sends info to Dom Life before and after each session GOAL: first conversation by DLC meeting October 15, 2009. We recommend that we intentionally make connections with the MDG’s with each issue. We recommend that everyone look at the MDG website for resources, especially: cyberbus.org, and “endpoverty 2015.org” and the “standup campaign” Sunday morning we worked in small groups on the various Continuums of Action: Consistent Ethic of Life and Integrity of Earth Global Climate change Elias Henritzy and Mary Sean Hodges Human Trafficking Peace in Iraq Durstyne Farnan Immigration Chuck Dahm, Educate and Act for Non-Violence Ceil and Barbara Hansen, Attached to this document are the various Continuums’ of Action. However, the Consistent Ethic of Life and Integrity of Creation report was incomplete and was not inclusive in content. Therefore it will be on hold until the next meeting in 2010. A very emotional exchange was had as Continuum of Consistent ethic of life and integrity of Earth shared. Unfortunately there was not time to continue this conversation as members had to leave for the airport. There was much tension over this Continuum and it was also presented in an incomplete way. Dusty will contact the Springfield Dominicans about their Consistent Ethic of Life document. Don Goergen and Ceil Roeger committed to working on the opening Preamble of the Call to Justice. The meeting continued with some evaluation as well as desire to meet next year on the East Coast and take advantage of the UN office in New York if at all possible as many people have not been to the UN.

ORAL EVALUTAION: WHAT WORKED FOR THE MEETING? Processes used June 29 and 21 moved us to a new place Anne’s facilitation brought us to a remarkable place So happy to bring my (Ceil) experience of Gaza to the Dominican Place. Input from Toni and Margaret important for us. How did the movement of things go? Reporting, UN, ROME, issues how was that okay what was left out? Latin America follow up to Juarez missed Reporting redundant and boring? Find a new way of reporting If use Dom life as we aspire to implement our continuum, reporting may or may not be as necessary at the meetings Input sessions helpful. Develop more processes regarding input and decision making. Add more contemplation Facilitate meeting and discussion to talk about difficult conversations, e.g. abortion differences Take into consideration time and costs next year

IMPOROVEMENT What worked that was different? Implement Best Practices as a way to report Develop a tool for giving report. Follow Communicators best practice using practical, problems they engaged in accomplishing their goal. We limit to a few projects to learn how to do their work better. *Social Justice and the New Evangelization not too sure what this means or how to do it Seven essentials of the new evangelization by Avery Dulles Bringing a personal experience regarding one of our issues, e.g. Ceil presentation on Palestine, Gaza. Thank you from Toni about the work being done here by the US Dominicans. The family at times is surprised by what is being done by the US Dominicans, e.g. Kathy Long’s SOA resistance and speaking to others about this. Let’s try and get Canada more involved or engaged since we are North American Dominican Justice Promoters. The meeting concluded at 12:30 PM on June 21, 2009.

Respectfully submitted Durstyne Farnan, OP Dominican Co-Promoter of Justice and Peace


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  1. Am trying to contact Sr. Durstyne w/ info re J&P Provincial Coordinator for Province of St. Joseph (Eastern). Please send me her email, or have her contact me asap pls. Tks & God bless!


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