Editor-in-Chief, Gian Maria Vian, L’Osservatore Romano, The Vatican: “Obama is not a pro-abortion president.”

Dear Sir:

Your comments that appear in the American news service, Catholic News Agency, were sorrowful.  Unlike Europe’s gradual decline over the last several decades, America still believes in Christ and the Faith.  The culture war is upon us but the war for America’s soul is far from lost.  Your comments that confuse the Faithful is not helpful.  And the Faithful tire of this confusion from the Church.  As the editor in Chief of a grand newspaper,  you could have said something less than “Obama is not a pro-abortion president.”  You pointed out rightly that Mr. Obama approached the issue with some class, but Mr. Obama’s manner and demeanor does not diminish or eliminate his pro-abortion record as a prior state senator or U.S. senator.  Further his record since ascending the U.S. presidency is clearly pro-abortion.  He may want to dialog with respect, but the reality is that his positions are pro-abortion and his position leads to the death of the innocent. 

Your expression otherwise is a deep insult to any person who can simply observe the actions of others.  I am sorry to say, but in my opinion your absolute statement that Mr. Obama is not a pro-abortion president is good old-fashioned scandal and in some ways, treacherous.  The clerics and laity who have stepped up and tried to forge an articulate and respectable pro-life vanguard in America have been betrayed.  Your position on Mr. Obama is profoundly grieving to many Christians. 



2 thoughts on “Editor-in-Chief, Gian Maria Vian, L’Osservatore Romano, The Vatican: “Obama is not a pro-abortion president.”

  1. Mr. Vian,
    While I understand that we should be hopeful that Barack Obama will has some pro-life leanings, I think we should look at his record as a State Senator, a federal legislator and, recently, as President of the country I love.
    In all cases he has not only supported but been a crusader for abortion of all kinds, including late term abortion. In the three major incidences at the state level he was the key person to assure the passage of late term abortion law. His reason, he was concerned about the reproductive rights of women. That is code for “unborn children have not rights”.
    He has taken the same position as a Senator in the U.S. Congress. And as President he has released American TAXPAYER money to fund abortion in other countries.
    As a side note, he is releasing money for embryonic stem cell research and cloning.
    Sir, while I believe in hope, I also believe in calling a spade a spade. Obama is a pro-abortionist who has no problem allowing babies who have been the victim of late term abortion and survived the process, die with no assistance in a broom closet at the hospital because he was worried about the reproductive rights of the mother. This is documented to have happened in Illinois under his watch.
    Please do not use your position to make it appear that the Catholic Church is somehow OK with his beliefs and behavior on this question. As an American Catholic, I a four square opposed to President Obama on these issues and I don’t want your paper to make it appear that the Church in Rome is okay with him.
    Believe me, there are millions of Americans who believe this administration and secular, socialist beliefs may be the death blow to the America we grew up in.
    I continue to pray that God will convert him and all who believe as he does in my country and around the world. Help us with the truth not just hope.

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