Pope2You: the Vatican in the social network

A Note from Fr. Paolo Padrini:

Benedict XVI Speaks to the Net Generation through the World of Social Networks.

The new media of Facebook, the iPhone, YouTube and Wikipedia are increasingly becoming the new forum where the Catholic Church dialogues with the world. As Pope Benedict XVI noted in his message for the 43rd annual World Communications Day, the Internet is a place where young people need to develop true friendships which spring from an encounter with the Risen Christ. With this awareness and the courage to enter into the world of social networks, the project Pope2You was started with the idea of helping these networks become authentic places of friendship and true dialogue.

Pope2You ( HYPERLINK “http://www.pope2you.net/) was created in collaboration with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications as an experiment in providing a new forum and channel of communication using the latest platforms. The Pope2You website provides a new way for Pope Benedict XVI to reach out to young people around the world. The site can be viewed in five languages and allows young people to learn more about the Church and Benedict XVI through his own writings, starting with the message for the 43rd World Communications Day. While the site aims to generate the interest of young people, it is also meant for people of all ages. It features news on the Catholic Church and details on the pastoral activities of Benedict XVI incorporating content from the Vatican’s YouTube channel. At the same time, a new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been created by the Catholic news agency H2Onews, with plans to add other mobile platforms later.

Pope2You also provides a gateway to a parallel world in Facebook with an application where you can create and send to your friends virtual postcards with the Pope’s own words, greetings and excerpts of his writings staring with this year’s World Communications Day message. Also, with the help of the Media Office of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, a special area has been created along the lines of a WIKI with suggestions on how to put into pastoral practice the Pope’s 2009 Message.

These new applications highlight the latest example of the Church reaching out in new ways in the world of social networks – a forum where the Church can meet new people, make new friends, dialogue and offer solidarity.



Editor-in-Chief, Gian Maria Vian, L’Osservatore Romano, The Vatican: “Obama is not a pro-abortion president.”

Dear Sir:

Your comments that appear in the American news service, Catholic News Agency, were sorrowful.  Unlike Europe’s gradual decline over the last several decades, America still believes in Christ and the Faith.  The culture war is upon us but the war for America’s soul is far from lost.  Your comments that confuse the Faithful is not helpful.  And the Faithful tire of this confusion from the Church.  As the editor in Chief of a grand newspaper,  you could have said something less than “Obama is not a pro-abortion president.”  You pointed out rightly that Mr. Obama approached the issue with some class, but Mr. Obama’s manner and demeanor does not diminish or eliminate his pro-abortion record as a prior state senator or U.S. senator.  Further his record since ascending the U.S. presidency is clearly pro-abortion.  He may want to dialog with respect, but the reality is that his positions are pro-abortion and his position leads to the death of the innocent. 

Your expression otherwise is a deep insult to any person who can simply observe the actions of others.  I am sorry to say, but in my opinion your absolute statement that Mr. Obama is not a pro-abortion president is good old-fashioned scandal and in some ways, treacherous.  The clerics and laity who have stepped up and tried to forge an articulate and respectable pro-life vanguard in America have been betrayed.  Your position on Mr. Obama is profoundly grieving to many Christians. 


Report on Notre Dame Rally

ND Response Holds Rally for Thousands on Notre Dame Campus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 19, 2009 Media Contact: John Daly, ND Response, jdaly1@nd.edu, 502.693.5112

ND Response Holds Rally for Thousands on Notre Dame Campus Bishop D’Arcy Calls Seniors “Heroes” For Affirming University’s Catholic Identity and Pro-Life Mission. 

Notre Dame, IN – Approximately 3000 people gathered on the South Quad of the University of Notre Dame’s campus this past Sunday for a Mass, rally, and prayer vigil hosted by the student coalition ND Response. These events, which were planned in reaction to Notre Dame’s conferring of an honorary law degree to President Barack Obama at its Commencement Exercises, were intended to witness to the Catholic identity of the University and its foundationally pro-life mission.

With pro-life supporters and Notre Dame faithful traveling in from places as far away as Mexico, New York, California, and Florida to stand alongside the ND Response students on their graduation day, Sunday’s events not only provided powerful witness to the sanctity of human life but also expressed constructive disappointment at the University of Notre Dame’s decision to honor President Barack Obama, who has publicly supported abortion and embryo-destructive stem cell research during his tenure in office.

Bishop John M. D’Arcy, who skipped the University’s official graduation ceremony but attended the rally hosted by ND Response students, publicly thanked the coalition’s students for their constructive and respectful witness and called them “heroes.” Bishop D’Arcy’s words at the rally were bolstered by speeches given by a number of Notre Dame alumni, faculty, and students who challenged Notre Dame to both maintain its Catholic character and live up to the pro-life teachings of the Church.

Following Sunday’s rally, nearly 40 graduates who had decided to skip their commencement ceremony gathered in the University’s Grotto for a prayer vigil and to listen to a meditation given by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life. These students were joined at this vigil by over 800 people, including their parents, siblings, and families.

The text and video of the speeches and meditations given at Sunday’s rally and prayer vigil are available on the ND Response website, www.NDResponse.com. DVDs of the event and ND Response t-shirts will be made available shortly.