To His Side We Cleave.

On this splendid day He was born, Whose name was Jesus,
He is Worthy of our love, worship, glories and praises;
Oh Christmas Day that is special, all of creation abounds with joy,
The Hope and Redemption became a little baby Boy;
In humble appearance at Bethlehem, did saving Grace first appear,
The children and shepherds about, all with His mother so dear;
Love beyond measure, Incarnate, innocent, and true,
On Christmas Day the heart be thankful and sing the Angelic queue:
We are thankful on this Christmas Day of the Divine plan,
To earth the Christ is here, true God and True Man;
To restore us friend and family to the Father did He die,
At His passion on the tree, offering His Body and Blood on High
Yet at the Altar today Jesus Christ in True Presence we receive,
That at His side, His Love and Life to Heaven we cleave.


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