“The great evil of the dichotomizing of Catholic social teaching.”*

This following article describes what has become a separation of the essential teachings of Catholic Social Teaching, a formula set for disaster. It discusses the separation in the Catholic bishop’s office of the prolife offices and social justice office.  It serves the purposes of the Enemy to divide the thinking of the popes for the last 120 years into two separate political camps.

This dichotomy is demonstrated by the fact that the killing of children in the womb is such a fundamental monstrosity, that it cannot help but affect the hearts and minds of people everywhere.  People ponder [especially children and young people] consciously the contradiction of watching many Catholic social justice folks bemoan material shortcomings of society and express great concern for legal injustices and then watch the legal killing of kids in the womb without even a breath of objection.    Monstrous hypocrisy.

The political perspective of social and community problems was rejected by Christ, but politicization of the various issues is precisely what has occurred within the Catholic community over the last 30 years.  What a disaster.  Christ refused to be anointed king when he escaped into the desert after the miracle of feeding the thousands.   [The rally of the people did not occur because everyone simply shared their family goods and food].

If politics had been the answer, could He have waved His hand and millions of Hebrews would’ve thundered the Praetorium in Jerusalem?  Judas sought such a solution.  Not Christ. 

Jesus Christ could have reigned in the stead of Herod, robbed Pontius Pilate of his prefecture and Tiberius of Caesar’s throne in Rome. 

He chose another path—a path of sacrifice.  

Too often, the social justice groups seek governmental solutions, i.e. more money, more committees, and more agendas; trusting in the force of government to either end abortion, euthanasia, or to provide more money hither and thither as if government was the source of wealth.  Government cannot be the solution.  Enough of it!  Enough!  Seek solutions in Christ.  [We cannot deny here that the killing of kids in the womb or euthanasia is a violation of the natural law and should be a violation of the law of humankind]. 

How do we do so?   Christians need to be Christians and act accordingly.  In addition, it will mean changing the hearts and minds of the people of God.  This must start at the pulpit.  It must be preached. 

Too many men of the Altar have failed to touch on the “tough” issues. 

Once motivated in right reason and with well-ordered lives and families, people will give their personal assets, time, energy, and intelligence, and money to aid others and live truly Christian lives.  This is no dream. 

If the government becomes involved and assists, that is good, but we must realize that government is not the harbinger of a better society or of change.   Government is not the source of wealth.  The hard work, production, and use of people’s time, energy, and intelligence is the source of wealth in society.

The better and brighter thing to do is to change our hearts and minds toward Christ, get our lives in order in Christ and His Church, and we will change society, and give of our talents and wealth, and seek change through the Church and private associations.  Government can assist but it is not the all-mighty source of solutions. 

In other words, the solution is not in the White House but in your house. 

Truly.  It is called freedom and responsibility in Christ.

Finally, the article mentioned, so early in this article, draws well the framework of this dichotomy which is a present day disaster.  We don’t need a political perspective, we need a Catholic perspective on social justice.  Here is a beginning.  Hat tip to Barry of the lay provincial council for bringing it to my attention.

* http://www.calcatholic.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=217680af-59a9-49e2-a7b9-dbccb3bd2652




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