Has the Global Warming Hypothesis been disproven?

IN A MOVEMENT THAT COULD RADICALLY AFFECT ECONOMIES AND NATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE, MANY OF THE WORLD’S FANCY ELITE, MEDIA MOUNTS, WELL-TO-DO PROMINENTS, AND POLITICAL HAS-BEENS HAVE DECLARED THAT GLOBAL WARMING IS THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM THE EARTH FACES.  With much rhetoric and fancy footwork, the daily media–newspapers, radio, and television–make each person and family feel guilt for not complying with perceived carbon footprints and environmental impacts. 

Is there truly a problem?  According to scientist Christopher Monckton of Brenchley of the United Kingdom, he thinks not, and that great damage could occur.  His tome on the climate change debate can be found here:  http://www.aps.org/units/fps/newsletters/200807/monckton.cfm.  It is a scientific article, and likely to you, like me, it reads like a horrible nightmare about a giant math story problem from grade school.  I now know what it is like for lay folk to read legal articles!  Nevertheless, the intellecutal elite of the left have disregarded–if not slandered–this gentleman’s article.  He states in his conclusion:

“In short, we must get the science right, or we shall get the policy wrong. If the concluding equation in this analysis (Eqn. 30) is correct, the IPCC’s estimates of climate sensitivity must have been very much exaggerated. There may, therefore, be a good reason why, contrary to the projections of the models on which the IPCC relies, temperatures have not risen for a decade and have been falling since the phase-transition in global temperature trends that occurred in late 2001. Perhaps real-world climate sensitivity is very much below the IPCC’s estimates. Perhaps, therefore, there is no “climate crisis” at all. At present, then, in policy terms there is no case for doing anything. The correct policy approach to a non-problem is to have the courage to do nothing.”

As a footnote, the era and time we live in are so interesting and ironic.  I would live in none other and am thankful that God saw that I could live at this time and place, and to know Christ. 

Whether the climate change debate is true, and whether the conclusions reached by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change be valid, I don’t know.  I do know, however, that the agents of the message, i.e. Al Gore, a politician, among others, brings no credibility to the marketplace of ideas.  If anything, Mr. Gore’s irrelevant concern for the Earth is simply untrue.  His record of concern for the unborn and the killing of kids in the womb is empty.   How can he credibly recite concerns for the environment in view of his record. 

As the old saying used to be, “where is the meat?”  In this case, I say, “where is the credible debate among scientists [as opposed to self-anointed and appallingly arrogant politicians]?”  Or, as it may also be asked, why are many of the scientists that joined the climate change bandwagon are now jumping off?

It is a serious question.  If it is not clearly and forthrightly–and non politically answered–then great danger could come of it, because it could change the economies of many developing and third world nations, and could cause widespread unemployment and dispair.  Is this what we want?  No, of course not.  It would violate social justice and the good of all humankind to impose such perverse suffering.   In that case, we need to subject the question to the scientists and people of good will and right judgment–not politicians whose care is personal gain.


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